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about delta baseball

We place a strong emphasis on good sportsmanship and team building. We use military inspired principals, like “morale patches,” to motivate players to put others before self, and every player is required to participate in our annual team building event.

Our Mission & Vision

We place a strong emphasis on building personal character and teaching core sportsmanship values that players will use the rest of their life.

We develop player skills using a well planned annual strategy. We bring in collegiate level players to reinforce proper fundamentals, and we leverage local fitness professionals for strength and agility training.

We go out of our way to make memories that will last a lifetime! Out of state tournaments, family inclusive get-togethers, and team building challenges just to name a few.

Why Join Delta?

We’re a rising force in the Dayton area for select baseball. We are building a program to allow youth baseball players to become the best version of themselves. 

Tryouts are held in early July every year, but were interested in meeting prospective players year round! 

Interested in coaching a team for Delta Baseball? Reach out, and see how easy we make it to coach! We take care of the business, so you can focus on coaching.


Our Approach to Fitness

Strength, agility, and physical fitness play an extremely important role in player development – that’s why we leave it to the professionals.

We work with Altered Gym to set up dedicated training sessions for each Delta Baseball team, and the professionals at Altered Gym develop specific training programs to meet our team’s unique goals.

Logan Kelly

Fitness Professional @ Altered Gym

I am Dayton, born and raised. I grew up in Oakwood and played various sports throughout school, with my main sport being Lacrosse, where I was a 4-year varsity athlete & 2-year captain. I am still involved with the team as the JV head coach & team strength & conditioning coach. I also attended Centerville High School for their Exercise Science program. Upon graduation, studied at Ball State University (Go Cards!), earning a degree in Exercise Science in 2022. Since then, I have worked as a strength coach and personal trainer.

My specialty is ATG (joint ability training). This is also referred to as knee-over-toe training, popularized by Ben Patrick (KneesOverToesGuy). I use pieces of this methodology alongside others with my middle-school and high-school athletes for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance optimization. I am the Sports Performance Director at Altered Gym and have worked with numerous teams/organizations throughout my career. These include Ball State ROTC, Oakwood High School Lacrosse, Delta Baseball, & the Ohio-Kentucky Dive Team.


  • Ball State University B.S. in Exercise Science
  • ATG-L1 Certification
  • CF-L1 Certification
  • NASM-CNC (Certified Nutrition Coach)

Visit to learn more. 

Our Annual Tempo

Summer League & Tournaments

From April to July Delta Baseball teams play in a Dayton area league (coach’s choice) and play a few tournaments each month. Each team is encouraged to play in at least one out of state tournament, while the remainder are in the Dayton-Cincinnati-Columbus area.

Team Selections & Fall League

Tryouts for Delta Baseball teams are typically held in early to mid July but can vary based on coach’s schedules. Teams are always encouraged to join a local Fall baseball league, giving the players an opportunity to bond before offseason training starts.

Offseason Strength & Technique Training

We find strength and agility training to be critical to a player’s growth. Delta partners with local fitness experts to offer each team dedicated training seasons. We couple this with 1-2 indoor practices each week to maximize our development in the offseason. 


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Want to Join Delta Baseball?

We’re always looking for quality coaches to expand our organization. Contact us to learn more about starting your own Delta Baseball team.